The Next Up Performance App does what no other product on the market can do by connecting coaches and student athletes in school competitions, verified leaderboards, and interactive team and individual in-app challenges that will give your school the competitive advantage you’re missing on the field. Unlike existing services that cost hundreds of dollars, for only $99 a year, Next Up helps you track your in-team exercise information and allows your athletes to compete in verified school, state and national leaderboards! The Next Up app is free to download for coaches and athletes that belong to a Next Up School. Each student athlete is given access to a personalized profile where they can track their sport specific workout progress while connecting with friends, teammates, and school rivals in leaderboard activities and global challenges. Competition breeds personal improvement and overall team success. As a coach, you will have access to team and sport specific leaderboards so you can motivate and challenge your athletes to improve and grow stronger individually and as a team. If you have any questions on how the Next Up Performance App can give your school or team the competitive advantage you need, please contact us through our website and we will answer your question right away.