Event coming soon? Need help promoting your event? Let Next Up assist you! If you want to promote an event that involves competition among athletes, let us know and we will promote your event on our social media pages and in the Next Up App for¬†FREE!¬†Check our Facebook page for updates on upcoming events. These events are created for fun competition among athletes and in some cases we use them to verify the accomplishments of our most talented and unbelievable athletes. If you see a leaderboard submission that you can’t believe and you want to see in person, let us know, and we will bring any athlete that has had multiple requests (or complaints) about their unbelievable achievement to a Next Up Verified event for a live workout. At this event, the athlete can complete the workout to verify their place on the leaderboard by performing in front of a live audience for all to enjoy. If you have an upcoming event that you would like to partner with us to host, please reach out and we will work together to make your event a success.